Optysuite offers a flexible plan to meet your needs. We have a team of professionals that can bring solutions to all areas of your Auditing needs.

Having auditing policies and procedures in place is important to the documentation and livelihood of your firm.

Optysuite Provides:


  • A medical record review is when Optysuite performs a patient data and medical record review to validate the diagnosis and CPT codes. Optysuite is proud of the success rate we have had over the years and take pride in helping organizations improve their process to limit the errors.
  • Compliance Accuracy
  • Compliance accuracy is important for the integrity and financial status. All healthcare organizations have mandated Medicare and or Medicaid compliance responsibility. Optysuite will help remove the worry!

Audit Analyzation

  • Optysuite will analyze the processes in place and gather data. The data in turn will be put in a meaningful format with recommendations.

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