Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Optysuite has a team of trained professionals that can bring solutions to all areas of your healthcare revenue cycle management needs.

Revenue cycle management is key in an organization’s decision-making processes. Without an appropriate revenue cycle management strategy, the organization may experience unnecessary losses.

Optysuite Provides:

Eligibility and Benefit Verification

It is important to have the correct information for each patient. Optysuite’s objective is to reduce claim errors due to eligibility. This is one of the most common reasons for claim denials. Our goal is to improve cash flow and reduce work effort.

Point-of-Service Cash Collections

It is important to understand the importance of Point of Service Cash Collections. Optysuite offers proper techniques, training and development of collection policies.


Medical coding is one of the most important factors to proper revenue cycle management. Ensuring that the diagnosis, procedure, service and equipment is coded correctly is essential to the success of the firm. Optysuite has coding experts to work with your needs.

Electronic Submissions of Claims

Optysuite sets up all capable payers for electronic submissions of claims. This leads to improved cash flow and the ability to follow up on any denials timelier.

Account Follow-Up and Collections

Account follow up and collections make a huge impact on the revenue cycle. Optysuite is relentless with collection efforts. Optysuite has worked with Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers in order to make policy changes that are appropriate and benefit the providers regionally, and even nationally. Optysuite offers web-based payment options and customized bill cycles.

Reporting and Analytics 

Gathering insight and collecting information is important to the success of processes and the revenue cycle. It also offers transparency of the revenue cycle process. Optysuite offers strategic steps to gather and analyze current practices, to find areas for improvements, and make suggestions to help performance.

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