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We work with a variety of health care provider organizations and offer a very flexible model.

Physicians and Group Practices

With obtaining reimbursement becoming more and more difficult, it is essential that you have experts assist you with your practice goals. Providers can focus on the services that generate the revenue, and Optysuite will work to obtain every dollar possible.  There is much complexity with meaningful use, accountable care organizations and other incentive programs. Let us help.

Our processes work! Every client we have is generating more money. We can use your system or our system to bill. We take care of everything from enrollment to collection. We believe in being honest and transparent. We work with our clients very closely for the best possible results. Whether you are a group of a few or a group of 1000+ providers, we have the expertise that you need. We service all provider types and multi-specialty group practices.

Academic Practices

Optysuite has the experience you need for revenue cycle management of an academic practice. We help streamline the processes related to the revenue cycle. We have proven that our processes can significantly increase collections for academic practices. We take into consideration all aspects of the revenue cycle, not just simply dealing with accounts receivable. We start at appointment scheduling. Our processes help to capture all charges and submit accurate claims, in a timely manner. Accurately capturing charges from the vast number of sites where services take place an is extremely important factor in an academic practice. Ensuring that services are coded and documented properly is an area that Optysuite assists with also. We are well aware of the documentation and billing requirements around residents and fellows and the billings aspects of clinical research.


Optysuite is very familiar with telemedicine billing and can assist with any troubles you have within this field.

Private Clinics

It is difficult to allot time and resources to keep up on the ever changing policies related to health care and billing. Optysuite will keep your practice up to date with reimbursement issues, identifying additional revenue opportunity and running an efficient and results driven billing process. Many incentive programs have timelines that must be met. We will help you meet them.  When assisting with the selection of an EMR, we balance the needs of the practice from an operational standpoint with the need to meet incentive opportunity requirements. We can also assist you with Human Resources and Payroll.

Nurse Managed Clinics

Optysuite understands the unique population served at Nurse Managed Clinics. There are also unique billing needs. Being able to accurately bill and collect is critical. The CEO of Optysuite, who oversees the Nurse Managed Clinic Division, is a Nurse Practitioner and is an expert in reimbursement. We can assist your organization in achieving its financial goals through proper billing, contracting with payers, enrollment, EMR selection and implementation, assisting with incentive programs and program development.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Much like nurse managed clinics, it is essential to understand the unique population that results in unique medical billing. Optysuite designs programs specific to the needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

All Specialties

We are skilled in many aspects and are willing to help!

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