Who We Are

Mission Statement

“Optysuite has a deep passion and commitment to servicing our clients and team members by exceeding all quality, compliance, service, and satisfaction expectations through innovative alignment of people, processes, and technology.”

How We Started

Optysuite was started in 2008 by Cathy Barrett, C.P.C., M.S.N, M.S.A, N.P, President and CEO

Cathy has over 30 years of experience managing health care organizations, physician group practices, and EMS organizations. Additionally, she has done extensive speaking and consulting throughout the nation. Cathy has extensive experience in nearly all components of health care revenue cycle. She has been in involved in turn-around projects and pulling organizations out of bank defaults. Cathy has extensive experience in workflow evaluation and design both clinically and operationally.

We have a team of experts from a variety of backgrounds.

A High Standard of Conduct

Honesty: Optysuite conducts all business affairs with truthfulness, fairness, and sincerity.

Integrity: Optysuite adheres to moral and ethical principles at all times.

Values: Optysuite conducts business with the utmost consideration given to respect, excellence, and importance.

Respect: Optysuite treats all co-workers, customers, and patients with respect.

Quality: The Optysuite team members are responsible for knowing, understanding, and adhering to company and client quality standards.

Compliance: Optysuite is responsible for maintaining and adhering to its comprehensive compliance plan. Adherence to these standards is essential to successful business partnerships and reliability in the health care community.

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